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Where has our humanity gone?

What’s going on? This past week we have rescued dogs 4 that were just lying in the road, too weak to get up and move. All in one week. It’s a huge worry that this trend will continue and it conjures up so many questions. How long have they been there? Did no-one see their suffering? Has it come to them collapsing on the spot after their cries for help have gone unnoticed for so long? Are people immune to the suffering of other beings? Are peoples own problems so much that they cannot offer a lending hand to a dog clearly suffering? What have we become? This past week we have taken in 4 strays after being alerted they were lying in the road unable to move.


Then if that wasn’t enough today we received another call from our vet that a stray was taken into them last night and she is pregnant and is aborting her dead babies :-(. When will the madness end?

After getting them all to the vet it was discovered Tiara has TVT a sexually transmitted disease, the 2 boys we rescued with her seem to be weak but not seriously ill. Nothing a comfy bed and good food won’t help. Our first few days with Tiara were heartbreaking. She was so incredibly weak and could barely lift her head. The chemo treatment for her TVT probably didn’t help her feel any better either. We just knew we needed to do everything we could to help our girl fight this and show her love and care so that she will have the willpower to carry on. We just want her to know how much she is loved and appreciated. Even though it’s probably the first time in her life. Which sadly has been a long-suffering one so far. But that’s all changed now.

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Within the same week, we received a call about another dog lying in the road, this time it was a little puppy. She was rushed off to one of our vets where she was diagnosed with Parvo and has been placed on a drip and receiving all the medical help she can get. It’s early days still with our little Nova but when we visited her today she already has some colour again and can at least sit up by herself.


Seeing cases like this of total neglect take their toll especially when you are still at the point where it’s touch and go whether they will pull through. I get flashbacks to Liesl who we also found in the road only to lose her a week later after hoping with all hope she would pull through at the vet. Poor Liesl didn’t even get to leave the vet 🙁 but at least she didn’t pass away alone and unloved but it’s still not easy. It still feels like someone has ripped your heart out jumped all over it and put it back into its cavity and told you to get on with it :-(.

One of my biggest flaws is that I go straight into save mode and don’t think about anything else. Like is it actually safe to be running around in open fields looking for dogs? How are we actually going to pay for all these emergency treatments if we rescue the dog? Where are we going to put them when our shelter is full to capacity?

To be honest Townies I blame you too, you are our partner in crime when it comes to saving lives no matter what because you guys are the most encouraging family our abandoned dogs could wish for. All of you know we need to save the poor souls no matter what and you encourage us every step of the way. You understand that every dog needs a chance. Then once we are in the throes of saving mode, you always come through and do your part for the Dogtown family and help us pay the vet bills so tomorrow we can save another beautiful abandoned soul.  So here I am again, I’m just a girl standing in front of her Townies asking them to love Tiara, Dustin, Dawson and Nova and help us give them the best chance at a better life because they deserve it.


Thank you Townies for being thebest-extended family our doggies could wish for. Together we can save more.

Love and Licks

Tracy & The Rescues