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Which dog breed should you get next?

Ah, decisions decisions. There are so many breeds out there to choose from from the new designer golden doodles to the tried and tested Jack Russel Terrier. Which breed would suit your lifestyle best? I have put together a little check list that might help you make up your mind, because adding another member to your family is not a decision that should be taken lightly. So here we go, have your pen and paper ready to write down your answers?

  • What energy level best suits you? Would you like to have a dog that will settle down wherever you are and prefers to spend most of his day lounging around or maybe rather a walking/jogging companion. Perhaps a dog with a lot of character and a great sense of humor, that will keep you entertained with his quirks?
  • Do you currently have other dogs, cats, birds or chickens? Are your other pets grumpy, very active, ill, or couch potatoes. (Yes…chickens can be couch potatoes too).
  • How much time do you have available to spend with the dog with regards to attention, grooming, training, going for walks, etc. Do you work long hours or do you work from home?
  • How would you describe a day in your household? Lots of hustling and bustling or easy going?
  • Do you go away from home often (work or holiday)? Would you take your dog along? Would you get a pet sitter or would you book your dog into reputable boarding kennels?
  • How much space do you have available for the dog/s, a small town house garden, a large home garden, a plot?
  • What traits are you looking for and which traits are deal breakers?

After finishing these questions you should have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. As soon as you are ready to bring a new family member into your home, send your answers to our adoption team so that they can match you up with the dog that would best suit you. If you are not in our area, you could always go and visit your nearest adoption centre.

Maybe you can be matched up with the breed you want, but wouldn’t it be so much better to be matched up with the dog you want instead? There are so many fluff balls just waiting to get a chance at having a home, one of them might be waiting for you specifically.

Remember, adopting one dog saves two lives, hope to hear from you soon!

By Tersha, Trainer