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Who is Liddie?

A00_5887Hello Dogtown readers, I am Liddie girl. I always hear that the caregivers and other Dogtown dogs write stories that is published on the Dogtown website, so I decided that I also want to write a story and tell the world who I am”.

So, who is Liddie really? Do you want to know? …. I am a down to earth girl; a hat and cowboy boots are my thing. I enjoy nature, long hikes, watching the sun come up and I don’t mind a little mud under my nails. I have a handsome boyfriend called Glen and we are a match made in heaven, he completes me and loves me just the way I am.

I am a real Montego’holic he he almost like a chocoholic because I love biscuits and delicious food, Glenny doesn’t mind that I am a bit curvy because he says, “REAL men love curvy women” he he such a hunk. I may not be an astonishing German Shepherd or Border Collie with fluffy hair, gorgeous long legs and Barbie Doll lashes but do you know what??

I am Liddie, the one and only… I am unique, I am special, I am different and I am ME <3. I want to tell all the other Rescue dogs out there to keep believing and HOPING because everything will work out at the end. It doesn’t matter if you a purebred dog or not, what matter is who you are on the inside. Shout out to all the rescue dogs without homes who struggled and had to endure tough times, you are magnificent and you have come this far in a cruel world, just know one thing “You are amazing and you will find a loving family that will accept you for being You”. Being rescue dogs makes us SPECIAL and we are just a DIFFERENT and spectacular kind of breed. I might not have a home yet but someday I will…So, that is my story in a nutshell, if you want to come and meet me just give our staff a call. With all my love – Liddie.

Check out my full profile: https://barkingmad.co.za/pets/liddie/

By Shilo, Caregiver

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