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Why oh Why, poor little Skye.

Good morning townies,  it’s your regular writer, Skye here.. again.

So let me tell you about the recent events happening here.

Two new tiny dogs arrived a few weeks ago and my caregivers were needing to find them a friend to live with. So, being the Big Brother that I am, naturally I jumped at the chance. We all get along great and snuggle together at night to keep warm.

Sorry if I don’t sound my regular happy self today. I found out that,  a family who was considering adopting me to go live with them and their small dog, has decided to adopt one of my neighbour’s instead. Don’t get wrong, I’m so super happy for Simba, but why oh why can’t I find a home?

I’ve lived with 3 other friends and they have all gone to their forever homes. When’s my perfect family going to come along?

Honestly, I’m a great guy. I’m good with smaller dogs. I’m quite wary of cats so if you have kitties I won’t bother them… they’re weird creatures anyways. I love to cuddle and chill on the sofa. I’m house trained so won’t mess in the house and I’m very gentle around kids. What more could you ask for!?

My mom here at Dogtown says she would take me home in a heartbeat but her other doggy at home won’t like that very much.

DSC_1295Please, if you have space in your home and heart, Please won’t you come for a visit so I show you just how great I am.

Hope to see you soon!

Lots and lots of love from the one and only,

Skye- https://barkingmad.co.za/pets/skye-2/


By Savannah – Caregiver