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Why The Bond Between Dog And Owner Is Like No Other

Why The Bond Between Dog And Owner Is Like No Other

By Mary-Jane Gallagher.

DSC_1083There is nothing quite like the relationship between owner and dog, which explains why there are more than 9 million of them being kept as pets in South Africa. Adopting a dog from a shelter and offering it love and a home is one of the kindest things you can do for a pooch. Too often, they are labeled with the stigma associated with rescue dogs, whereas, they can be the most loving, playful and happiest dogs you’ll ever meet.

Why you should get a dog

One of the greatest benefits of getting a dog as a pet is that they encourage you to get out and about and to participate in regular exercise. The number of South Africans who are currently overweight or obese is worryingly high, but, getting a dog can help shed the pounds. Having Fido as your companion is also great for the mind. Mental health issues affect so many individuals across the country so the health benefits of owning a dog are a great way of keeping the mind active and healthy.

A unique talent that some dogs have is the ability to detect cancer and other illnesses in their owners. A rescue dog with a strong and stable bond with its human counterpart will likely do all it can to inform its owner that something is wrong. As a trusting owner you should listen to your dog and if you feel that they are telling you that there is an issue, head straight to your doctor. This special bond could potentially save your life, so it’s worth investing all your time into cementing the relationship between you and your dog.

Things to look out for

A dog who has a strong bond with its owner may experience separation anxiety when they are apart. It’s not just former rescue dogs which are affected, though. Many hounds which experience the condition have never been in a shelter, therefore, fear of your pet developing separation anxiety is no reason not to adopt a pooch in need of a home. Instead, you should do all you can to prevent separation anxiety from occurring. This includes providing regular exercise, ensuring he is stimulated and preventing him from getting bored.

Should your dog show any of the common signs of separation anxiety, such as urinating in the house, howling or barking when you leave or destructively chewing items of furniture, it’s time to take action. Separation anxiety is a sign that your dog misses you and relies on you being there for support. Consider enrolling your pooch into doggy daycare or hiring a dog sitter to keep an eye on your pet when you’re absent as this will benefit both you and your dog as you won’t be worrying about his state of mind while you’re stuck in the office.

The bond between a dog and its owner really is like no other. A dog makes a great companion, can boost your overall health and wellbeing and will do all it can to protect you from harm. This does, however, mean they could develop separation anxiety, therefore, be sure to take steps to nip it in the bud.