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William – Homeward Bound

IMG_3579William (aka: Will, Wills, Aunty Sim’s BFG!)

Will is like sunshine on a cloudy day. He is a jolly, cheerful clown – a happy, wriggly galumph of a boy! Watching him walk instantly brings a smile to your face – he wiggles while he waggles while he walks. On a bad day, Will is just the dog you need … BFG to the rescue – he cheers you up, every time, without fail.

The smallest thing is an instant source of curiosity and fun for him. He loves everyone, and everyone he meets can’t help but love him straight back.

I’ve only been at Dogtown a short while, but I have already been so privileged to interact with so many beautiful canine fur-kiddies. Each have their own unique story. Some stories happier than others; some sad and horribly tragic; others almost unimaginable.

I consider myself rather fortunate to play a small part in their daily routine, and I can only hope that I bring them just as much joy as they bring to me.

Will crept into my heart within a matter of minutes – he is larger than life, both in stature and personality. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried when I was told that my boy had found his furever home. Tears are strange things – we cry when we’re happy; we cry when we’re sad. These tears are a bit of both. Happy, sooo happy that he stole the hearts of his furever family as quickly as he stole mine; and sad, sooo very sad that I will no longer see that happy smiley face every morning, greeting me with a high pitched bark, and a tail wagging at the speed of light. My gentle giant has found a home to call his own, and taken a piece of my heart with him.

I wish Will and his new family everything of the very best – long sunny days, filled with love, laughter, and endless sources of fun and curiosity!


By Simone, Caregiver

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