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Wonderful Wendy

Ricky & Wendy-4Hi all you lovely “Dogtown supawters”, it’s Wendy here giving you a little update on my stay here at the best five star hotel in Doggyland. Do you all remember me ? I’m the gorgeous four year old Staffie blend that came to Dogtown in mid 2013.

First, a bit about my name. There are many definitions regarding the origin of the name Wendy ranging from a derivative of the Welsh name Gwendolyn through to the character Wendy Darling introduced by J M Barrie in his story of Peter Pan. Of course the definition I like most is “attractive in all three ways” i.e. intellectually attractive, physically attractive and emotionally attractive – that’s me to a tee.

But alas, the circumstance around the way I got my name is not nearly as romantic. You see my previous owner’s abandoned me and left me to look after myself. I managed to find a place to live under an old wooden Wendy house in the garden of an empty dwelling. Well you guessed it, as nobody new may real name I became Wendy.

Anyway that’s enough about my name. Let me tell you a bit about how I came to and my stay here at Dogtown. After the peeps here were alerted to my circumstances by a kind young lady, they immediately dispatched their “rescue rovers” to come to my aid. I was understandably very suspicious of them because my past experience with humans had not been too pleasant. Their kind voices and of course the delicious treats they offered me soon had the desired affect and I climbed into their car and so started a new and far better chapter in my life.

Due to my precarious background the first order of the day was for me to go for a full medical check-up at the doggy doctor. Fortunately I was in good health in spite of the way I had been living and all the Doc had to do was give me all the necessary vaccinations to keep me healthy.

Next I was given a lovely secure garden run to live in complete with another Wendy house to sleep in. This time I was able to sleep inside with clean warm and dry blankets to snuggle into and the best thing – no more scavenging for food.

After a few weeks of settling in and all of us getting to know each other, my caregivers introduced me to a really debonair gent called Ricky. He is somewhat older than me so I refer to him as my Sugar Daddy – heh heh. Unfortunately he has some arthritis in his joints so we don’t do too much rough and tumbling together, still having another furkid or should I say furgranddad  to hang out with is really awesome.

Although I still have some small issues that I need to iron out, for example I tend to spin in circles sometimes when I get over excited but my caregivers are helping me with this and they tell me I’m so much better that soon this little annoyance will be a thing of the past. Oh yes. They also tell me my comical expressions when I see them every morning really makes their day .

I’m now patiently waiting for another chapter of my life to begin. You know, the one when one of you amazing peeps offers me a forever home. The Sugar Daddy joining me would truly complete the deal and together we could shower you with the love we have learnt to give here at Dogtown.


By Gordon

Ricky & Wendy-5