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Xavi joins the team

This is the story of one of the luckiest, or maybe thee luckiest dog in the world. My name is Xavi and this is my story. It’s not one of the prettiest or joyful well it didn’t start out that way, in fact it started out quite horrifying. The people who found me will never know how I ended up in such a sticky situation but all I know is if they hadn’t found me I would not be here today.

IMG_0993One night very late I got myself into a lot of trouble and somehow a palisade fence pierced through my front paws and I was hanging very high off the ground by my paws in a lot of pain and losing a lot of blood. No matter how loud I howled or how hard I struggled I just could not get free. I was in a lot of pain and the more I struggled the weaker I became. I was there for what seemed like an eternity and just when I was beginning to think all hope was lost a girl came out of the house across the road to open the gate and spotted me, when she got closer and realised what had happened she immediately tried to help and reached out to grab me. I was in a lot of pain and very scared, I wasn’t sure what to do so I tried to defend myself hurting my legs even more. The girl realised how frantic I was becoming and shouted for her friend to help. They through a jacket over my head and everything went dark, for a moment I felt even more pain as they lifted me off the fence but the pain faded as my paws were free from the steel, I felt arms hugging me tightly, finally I felt relief, I felt safe.

The kind people carried me into their car and rushed me as quick as they could to the emergency animal hospital. I lost a lot of blood and the doctor wasn’t sure if I would make it but I decided to show everyone how brave I really was. The doctor gave me something to help with the shock and cleaned and bandaged my paws. For the next few days I had good food and a safe place to stay, every day I made sure my bowl was empty, I knew I had to keep my strength up to make it through. This is where my luck came in, the girl that saved me worked at a place that is dedicated to helping dogs just like me. Dogtown.

The wonderful people at Dogtown agreed to extend a paw and give me all the help I needed so that I could get better and never let anything bad happen to me again. Little did they know I had one more surprise in store for them, my puppy was found and rescued as well. The doctors managed to repair my damaged paws and I inspired everyone around me with my courage and determination when I walked again. I  now had a new life and a new name, Xavi. I was named after the famous barcelona player Xavi Allonso and just like he and his team beat every opposition I beat the odds. Every new challenge I encountered I overcame. I can now walk on a harness and lead, go on social walks and play with toys! I even had my first bath the other day. Not to mention how brave I am, I am confident to walk up to any dog I meet big or small, meeting new dogs is my favorite activity! I’ve also managed to conquer a few brain toys during my stay! I surprise everyone that knows me every day and despite what ive been through I never let my past hold me back I capture everyones hearts with my friendly, happy personality and adorable looks, I would love to meet you and steal your heart too!

I am truly a star player on the Dogtown team!

By  Tayla, Caregiver

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