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Yankee Candle – Spay it Forward

Yankee Candle & Dogtown SA “Spay It Forward”

The Spay it Forward Campaign was created by DogtownSA to help start a ripple effect of kindness that can help them fund the sterilisation of dogs whose owners genuinely can’t afford to. The ripple effect of this campaign could save thousands of unwanted puppies from being born into a world where the reality is that there are simply not enough homes.

Did you know? One female dog and her mate, and all her puppies – if none are ever sterilised – can lead to almost 67,000 dogs in just 6 years. That is the sad but brutal reality but you can make a difference!

How do you save 67,000 dogs? Answer is simple, sterilise one”

Help Yankee Candle help Dogtown! For every 60 page likes we receive in the month of December, Yankee Candle will donate enough money to spay a dog. Your name will also go into a lucky draw to win a R 1000.00 Yankee Candle hamper
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