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Yogi discovers water…

DSC_4560Hi there from your tree hugging bear. My name is Yogi

Over the last 2 weeks we have been having some very hot weather.
So just to let you know that I’m not very fond of water, but in the first week of hot weather I took a chance and climbed into a small little shallow pool to dip my feet and have a drink, after a few days my caregiver left a pool in my run for me I decided to try again, I have since realized that water is not so scary.
Screenshot_2018-10-20-09-59-37 Screenshot_2018-10-20-09-59-26
In this last week I went all in with our pool in one of our play areas, it was another hot day and decided that its time for a better swim and head first I kind of just plopped in. It was so nice, stood around for 5 mins, got out, I then had treats thrown back into the pool so I went back in and what a great time I have had learning and realising that water can be fun too.
Big fluffy cuddles, from Yogi Bear!
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By Lee, Caregiver