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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or can you?

buddyHi Peeps, Buddy here, aka the Dog-father. Yes, that’s correct; I am the DOG-FATHER of DogtownSA. A title I rightfully deserved. I am one of the longest residents here and with these good looks, what do you expect?

But enough of my title and good looks. There’s something else I want to tell you peeps.

I am not so young anymore and because I have to live up to my reputation as Dog-father, I don’t allow strangers or just anybody to touch me and I bark at them just to show them who they are dealing with. Saying that, I must mention that all the peeps here at Dogtown are super nice and they give me nice treats every day.

buddyI always watched the other dogs getting their food in these fancy, colourful “bowls” and thought by myself that maybe godfathers are only allowed to eat out of small silver bowls. It also looked kind of difficult to eat out of, with its strange shapes and everything and I’m an old boy after all, and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, they say. I made peace with that, but there was always this longing that it would be nice to try it out once, just to see if I can do it……just maybe……

One day there came a lady and she started feeding me, talking softly to me and even singing to me. She sat on the grass with us and she seemed nice and not so threatening sitting down. I decided one day, when she reached out to touch me, to let her, and what a surprise! It felt good! After that day, I don’t mind when she touches me and I even take the treats out of her hand now. It is much better than to eat it of the ground.

buddy buddy buddy

Life at Dogtown seems good and I am happy and so is my caregiver.

Then it happened! She brought my food in a fancy, bright green “bowl”!!! Was that for me, the godfather?! It can’t be! At last…….my dream came true…….

I approached the strange shaped “bowl” with caution. “Can I do it”, I thought by myself. I took the first bite…..and a second, my tongue curled in and out of the grooves of the bowl, and “whala” …….. I did it!!

Of course it was easy! I am the Dog-father of Dogtown after all!!!! So, now about the saying that you can’t learn an old dog new tricks……….Really? Says who?

Not in my experience!

By Susan, Caregiver

buddy buddy buddy