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You never know until you try

by Candice

Max has had a bit of a rough life, he was left with basically no human contact for his first few years. He came to the centre with some eye issues, he’s had multiple surgeries but unfortunately he’s only got half his vision. When I first started working with him he’d had very little training.  Coming from a back yard breeder his social skills were not much to be desired. I was a bit unsure about which approach to take with regards to training him. I started with a few sniffing exercises but being a sharpei he’s got a squishy face and I don’t think he has a great sense of smell. When he eventually found the treats he realised what was going on and immediately started trying harder, cos he loves food! One day I was trying to decide which dog I’d be taking to a training class. I thought of Max and figured that if it didn’t go well I could always get a different dog. Off we went to the class and to everyone’s surprise Max did remarkably well! It was a confidence building class that included a few small jumps, he even managed those better than some of my full sighted dogs, might I add. I had him walking in balance, weaving and even managed to get a “sit” out of him! Since then we’ve been working a little bit everyday and every day gets a little bit easier. It just goes to show; you never know until you try.

Max-8  Max-4 Max & Mel-1